WHEREAS, the Developer contemplates the sale and transfer of various parcels and lots in the following described real estate situated in Outagamie County, Wisconsin to wit:


Lots 1-48, Country Meadows, Town of Greenville, Outagamie County, Wisconsin.


AND, WHEREAS, such Developer believes it advisable to establish protective covenants and restrictions which will preserve and protect the desirability, beauty and value of the above described property for the benefit of all the owners thereof and their heirs, personal representatives, successors and assigns.


NOW THEREFORE, in consideration of the aforementioned purposes, it is agreed that the following protective covenants and restrictions are established and binding upon the above described property:


  1. PURPOSE. The purpose of these restrictions is to insure the use of the property for
  2. attractive residential purposes only, to prevent nuisances, to prevent the impairment of the attractiveness of the property, and to maintain the desired tone of the community, and 'thereby to insure to each lot owner the full benefit and enjoyment of his or her home, with no greater restriction on the free and undisturbed use of the lot than is necessary to insure the same advantages to the other lot owners.


  3. LANDUSE-AND-BUILDINGS. All lots will be used for single family dwellings
  4. only. No building hall be erected, altered, placed, or permitted to remain on any lot other than one single family dwelling not to exceed two stories in height and outbuildings as provided for in these covenants. All homes must have a roof with a minimum 4.5/12pitch. All homes must have an attached garage of not less than 550 square feet.


  5. MINIMUM FLOOR SIZE PLAN. Residences must meet the following minimum
  6. living space requirements (excluding garages, basement, one-story open porches, sun porches, and breezeways):

    a. Single story ranch - 1450 square feet

    b. Raised ranch - 1450 square feet per floor

    c. All other home styles - 1950 square feet


    All homes other than split-level or raised ranch must have a full basement.


  7. TEMPORARY STRUCTURES. - No structure of a temporary character, trailer,

basement, tent, shack, garage, or other outbuilding shall be used on any parcel at any time as a residence either temporarily or permanently. No structure other than a fully completed residence shall be occupied.


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