1. COMPLETION DATE. All homes must be completed twelve (12) months after commencement of building and shall not be occupied prior to being completed. Initial landscaping and lawn must be completed within eighteen (18) months after commencement of building.
  2. FENCES. Fences are permitted up to a maximum height of four (4) feet. No metal fences are permitted except for construction of dog kennels.
  1. REMOVAL OF DIRT. So long as Developer owns any lot, Developer reserves the right to direct the disposition of any dirt (soil) which is to be moved from the lot. However, such disposition as directed by Developer shall be within a two mile radius of the lot.
  1. ACCESS. During construction, no access to the building site shall be allowed over adjacent lots. If any damage is done to the adjacent lots, the owner of the home under construction shall restore or pay the Developer for the restoration of said property to its pre-damaged condition.
  1. BUILDING GRADE. No owner shall so grade his property in a manner inconsistent with the drainage plan established by Developer as recorded on the Plat.
  1. ACCESSORY BUILDINGS. All accessory buildings must have at least 100 sq. ft. of floor area and shall not exceed 180 sq. ft. of floor area. The building cannot exceed a maximum height of 13 feet to the peak of the roof. Buildings must have a concrete floor. The building shall be constructed of 2X4 construction, or equal, shingled roof with- a minimum 4.5/12 pitch or of gambrel type design, with harmonious siding.
  1. SIGNS. One sign will be allowed in public view to identify the family not to exceed 4square feet. No other sign of any kind shall be displayed to the public view on any lot except one sign of not more than five (5) square feet advertising that 'property for sale or rent, open house, etc., or one sign of not more than ten (10) square feet used by a builder to advertise that property during the construction and sales period.
  1. ANTENNAE AND WINDMILLS. No outside antennae or similar reception devices shall be permitted except satellite dishes one meter or less in diameter. No energy producing windmills will be permitted. Decorative windmills will be permitted up to a maximum height of 4 feet.
  2. TRASH. All trash and waste shall be kept in sanitary containers, properly sealed to
  3. prevent disbursal and kept from public view until the day of trash pick up.

  4. VEHICLES. All campers, recreational vehicles, boats, trailers, garden tractors, and

fish shanties must be stored inside. Non-operable or non-licensed vehicles cannot be stored for more than two weeks.

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